Bentley will distribute the first harvest of branded honey

Bentley will distribute the first harvest of branded honey

September 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British company Bentley, specializing in the production of luxury cars, decided to try their hand at a new field for themselves. The brand followed in the footsteps of Porsche and started its own apiary.

 Bentley has decided to produce honey and has already harvested the first crop. At the end of July, two hives were put on the brand’s campus in the city of Crew, where about 120 thousand honey bees settled. And recently they brought the first crop. The honey, which has already been bottled in banks, will be partially received by employees, and the campus guests will receive the remaining as a gift. According to Bentley estimates, one hive at a time will produce up to 30 kilograms of honey. To equip the apiary and look after it, the automaker turned to British beekeepers. By mid-September, experts had collected honeycombs from beehives and filtered honey, pouring it into a hundred jars.

 By the way, Bentley interior designer Louise McCallum worked on the label. Next year, the brand has planned the expansion of the apiary.

Bentley is not the first automobile brand to decide to start producing honey. Porsche has its own apiary in Leipzig: it occupies 40 hectares and totals one and a half million bees. In the first year of its operation, this apiary produced 400 kilograms of honey, which the brand called “Turbienchen” (“turbo-honey”). Its implementation is carried out by a company store in the factory.