Bentley will celebrate the record of Pikes Peak with the special version of Bentayga

Bentley will celebrate the record of Pikes Peak with the special version of Bentayga

June 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Racer Rhys Millen on Bentley Bentayga set the Pikes Peak race record among crossovers. In honor of this achievement, Bentley will release a special version of the crossover.

The 600-horsepower crossover overcame the almost 20-kilometer mountain track in 10 minutes 49.9 seconds. In other words, Millen drove a mountain serpentine with an average speed of 107 kilometers per hour. Thus, he closed the previous record for almost two minutes: in 2014, Paul Dallenbach on the Range Rover Sport drove the same track in 12 minutes and 35.6 seconds.

An almost standard machine was sent to storm the mountains. The modifications were extremely limited: a powerful safety frame and fire fighting system was installed in the car, multi-point belts were mounted, front seats were replaced by racing “buckets”, and the rear sofa was dismantled altogether.

In addition, the regular exhaust system was replaced by direct-flow Akrapovic, and ordinary tires – half Pirelli. All the rest remained intact: the 600-hp W12 turbo engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission ZF, and an air suspension with active stabilizers.

In honor of the record, Bentley will offer crossover buyers a special version of Pikes Peak Bentayga. The machines will be painted either in black Deep Beluga Black, or in a bright green Radium. All chrome parts are replaced with black, 22-inch wheels are made in two-color, and on the front wings the Pikes Peak logos are adorned.

In the salon – leather Beluga and inserts of Alcantara, carbon fiber finish and bright green accents. On the carbon fiber panel in front of the front passenger is plotted the route of the mountain race.

The price of such a machine has not yet been reported. Acceptance of orders will begin in the next August. Only ten copies of the Pikes Peak Bentayga crossover will be built.

The victory in the absolute offset of the mountain race Pikes Peak was won by Romain Dumas on the electric prototype Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak. The Frenchman set a new record for this route – the Frenchman took seven minutes and 57,148 seconds to overcome 156 turns of the mountain serpentine.