Bentley unveils Flying Spur with carbon fiber body kit

Bentley unveils Flying Spur with carbon fiber body kit

August 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bentley Flying Spur has received a set of carbon fiber styling parts called the Styling Specification.

The new kit consists of a splitter, side sills, a rear diffuser and a spoiler on the luggage compartment lid. All body kits are handcrafted from layered, high-gloss lacquered carbon fiber.

In turn, on the side skirts appeared a 3-dimensional badge of the British brand, which was made by the method of electroplating. The technology makes it possible to keep the surface as flat as possible, and also helps to avoid the appearance of bubbles.

Using computer simulations, Bentley has calculated the aerodynamic performance of each new element. Then the debut real Flying Spur with a carbon package were tested in a wind tunnel and on the track: in the framework of the races, the concepts drove more than 100 thousand km. It should be emphasized that there is already the possibility of ordering a carbon package for the UK model.

In addition, it was recently reported that the Bentley Bentayga Speed ​​crossover was officially presented. It is worth noting that this variation of the cross of the British company makes it the fastest car in the world in its class.