Bentley told about his first electric car

Bentley told about his first electric car

December 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
Bentley plans to introduce an all-electric model in the near future.

Indeed, the leadership of the British brand has such plans, however, the process of developing new items will not begin until the development of batteries reaches the desired level. That’s exactly what the current automaker Adrian Hellmark said.

From separately, we note that the downloaded need to increase the capacity of car batteries before applying them in luxury Bentley models.

“The problem is that current batteries for electric vehicles are not intended for use in large, heavy vehicles. Well, at least in the case of installing them in such cars, they will not be able to provide an acceptable power reserve, ”Mr Hellmark added in an interview with foreign publications.

The CEO of Bentley believes that the creators of these same batteries will learn to stuff enough energy into them by 2025. “I’m sure that the first all-electric Bentley model will be able to attract a large number of very wealthy customers.”

It was also said that the future electric cars of the British brand Bentley will use the Premium Platform Electric Modular Platform (PPE), which is currently being developed by engineers from Porsche and Audi. As expected, the German car concern Volkswagen Group, which includes all of the above brands, will produce the first models based on the PPE in 2021.

Adrian Hellmark noted that the first electric car of the company will not be a sports model. We talked about sports cars with electric motors in the past, but I don’t think we need them now.

Not so long ago, a curious video was published on the network, which captured the “monstrous” overclocking of the Bentley Continental GT 2019.