Bentley tests first engine for pre-war series of sports cars

Bentley tests first engine for pre-war series of sports cars

September 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A total of 12 rare Blower Continuation cars will be recreated

Bentley tested the legendary 4.5-liter “Blower” engines on the stand for 12 pre-war cars that are planned to be recreated as part of the Blower Continuation project.

The Blower Continuation project is a series of 12 racing cars built in the late 1920s. The cars were equipped with a 4.5-liter Blower engine with a capacity of 240 horsepower. For the first time, the engine received a supercharger, as well as a stronger crankshaft and a modified oil system. The re-created powertrain is an exact replica of the engine that powered the legendary race car of Sir Henry Birkin, a multiple racer of the 1920s.

The test benches on which the British company began testing the recreated engines were originally used to test the power of the aircraft engines of World War II fighters.

Like all car companies, Bentley has state-of-the-art test benches, but because the Blower powertrain is so different in size and shape from today’s designs, engineers have had to rely on technology from the past century.

The engines are currently running in before being tested at full power. The first stage of testing the units will be carried out within 20 hours. During the tests, specialists will gradually increase the speed, as well as the load from idle to 3500 rpm.

The next step will be to test the engine on the track. By that time, engineers will have assembled the first cars and tested the reliability of the powertrain in real conditions. The recreated cars will have to travel 35,000 kilometers, of which 8,000 kilometers will be imitations of famous rally tracks such as Beijing-Paris and Mille Miglia.

In early August, Bentley began assembling a test sample of the pre-war Blower. To do this, British engineers disassembled one of the surviving samples of 1929 and created exact copies of all elements of the sports car.