Bentley talks about materials for their cars

Bentley talks about materials for their cars

October 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British automaker Bentley offers over 5,000 trim options for the front fascia and upper door trims.

The average age of Bentley owners is getting smaller every year, in this regard, the brand is expanding the choice of interior trim materials, which become even more diverse and modern. Bentley Motors has expanded its rich range of finishes to over 5,000 options, including painted veneer, open-cell wood, high-tech inlays and even natural stone finishes.

Since the first Bentley was introduced in 1921, natural wood has always been used in the front fascia of the exceptional Gran Turismo. Used in recent years in Bentley’s interior, specially shaped inserts made from natural veneers obtained from renewable sources are considered the benchmark in the automotive industry. Bentley’s carpentry experts are in no way inferior to high-class cabinetmakers in terms of skill. The elegant wood veneer interior elements, fine-tuned and polished to the nearest tenths of a millimeter, create a unique ambiance of sophisticated luxury in the vehicle interior.

The Continental GT is available in seven natural veneers. They can be used either alone or in combination with Grand Black details. Atelier Bentley Mulliner provides a high level of personalization of the interior and offers a combination of any two types of wood veneer.

In addition to traditional lacquered veneer, Bentley customers can choose from a wealth of different materials offered through Mulliner Personal Commissioning.

With modern technology, Bentley Mulliner can create amazingly light slabs just 0.1mm thick from stone formed over 200 million years ago. Keeping the pores open allows the wearer and his passengers to experience the amazing texture of the stone.

The shale and quartzite used to make the slabs are mined in quarries in the states of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India, a country famous for its ancient traditions of stone work. Pieces of stone are chipped off from larger rock fragments and reinforced with a special resin. At the final stage, specialists from the world famous Bentley Mulliner atelier, located at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, manually shape the stones and finish the surface.

There are four stone colors to choose from, which perfectly match the interior trim: Autumn White, Copper Copper, Galaxy Blue and Terra Red.

Natural stone finishes, piano lacquer fittings and open cell veneers can be used alone or in combination with Grand Black high gloss finishes on the top or bottom. This approach increases the number of finishing options available to customers.

For customers looking to bring a touch of color to their interior, Bentley Mulliner offers decorative color accents in high-gloss piano lacquer. These details enhance the modern look of the interior and perfectly complement the leather upholstery colors. The decorative inlays use the same carefully selected wood veneer as for the lacquered finish to ensure the same high quality of all elements. After manual polishing, the parts are painted with enamel and then polished with sheep wool to obtain a mirror surface.

Bentley Mulliner can paint these inserts in any of 88 available exterior colors or 8 leather trims (Beluga Black, Burnt Oak Brown, Cricket Ball Red, Cumbrian Green, Damson Beige, Imperial Blue, Linen Silver and Porpoise Gray).

As an alternative to glossy lacquer, Mulliner offers open-pore wood veneer, which is protected by an ultra-thin matt lacquer layer. Open-cell finishes are available for veneers made from Liquid Amber, Dark Burr Walnut and Tamo Ash.

The veneer with the most beautiful pattern is carefully selected for production. Parts are covered with just three super-thin layers of varnish, the total thickness of which does not exceed 0.1 mm. For comparison, Bentley’s glossy lacquer is 0.5mm thick, resulting in a smooth and even finish. All layers of varnish are applied by hand with sanding between layers, which guarantees excellent adhesion of the varnish to natural irregularities. As a result, this coating, which is comparable to the touch and appearance of a wax, enhances the natural color and texture of the wood.

This delicate technique will give Bentley customers the incredible pleasure of touching real wood. All wood veneers are slightly different in color and texture to create a truly unique interior.

High-tech interior trim options are available for the first time. High-gloss carbon fiber inserts replace veneered elements to create a modern, tech-driven and sporty interior. Thanks to the optical polymerization process, the carbon fibers appear even more bulky. The carbon fiber details fold into a flawless geometric surface that stretches from door to door.

Exclusive to the new Bentayga, there is an optional dark diamond-ribbed interior trim with brushed aluminum effect. This sophisticated finish, reminiscent of the Bentley matrix grille, features a sophisticated reversing aluminum polishing technique for a modern 3D effect.