Bentley refuses to produce more cars

Bentley refuses to produce more cars

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Despite strong demand, Bentley is not going to release more products. According to the manufacturer, there is no point in building more if you are already making good money.

Bentley doesn’t have the typical mass assembly lines of Ford or Chevrolet. The British automaker doesn’t need them. Everyone knows that Bentleys have always been head and shoulders above the rest in both performance and sheer luxury – two things that buyers are more than willing to pay for. In fact, they can and are happy to pay substantial sums to join the Bentley Owners Club, and it is for this reason that the company continues to maintain relatively modest annual production figures.

In an interview, the head of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, admitted that since 2007 the brand has been selling about 10,000 units per year. This is quite interesting considering the fact that the Bentley Bentayga SUV did not hit the market until 2016 and became its top-selling model.

So why isn’t Bentley increasing its annual production overall, especially with the Bentayga’s lineup in high demand? Because it doesn’t have to be in order to make money. Bentley plans, and is very successful, to improve the profitability of every vehicle it sells. For example, the Continental GT is currently priced 22% above the current average market value.

“We’re not aiming for 15,000 or even 13,000,” Hallmark said. Most automakers, including the Volkswagen Group, Porsche and Audi, are hoping to increase annual growth, and Bentley admitted several years ago that the formula was not right for it. Maintaining exclusivity and profitability with a limited production of 10,000 pieces is also achieved through special editions and fabulously expensive creations from Mulliner’s own division.

The Bentley Bacalar is the perfect example. Only 12 examples of the 6.0-liter W12 convertible will be built, and all of them have already been sold. Mulliner is also the world’s oldest bodywork company, and wealthy clients are more than happy to send them money to build the Bentley of their dreams.

But if you think Bentley’s annual production is pretty low by industry standards, rival Rolls-Royce sold even fewer cars last year, which turns out to be the best selling year in the brand’s history. In 2019, 5,152 Rolls-Royce vehicles were delivered to customers, which is 25% more than in 2018.