Bentley prepares flagship SUV to replace Mulsanne

Bentley prepares flagship SUV to replace Mulsanne

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A limo-style SUV will sell better than a large sedan.

Adrian Hallmark, CEO, sees gaps in the SUV space, including for Bentayga derivatives, and Bentley is set to replace its aging flagship Mulsanne sedan with a new SUV.

The new model could potentially be at the top of the expanded range of SUVs that complement the Bentayga, which has already changed the firm’s sales and accounted for 47% of all Bentley sales in 2019.

“We strive to fill the Mulsanne price space. It will not be a sports car, because we will not build sports cars. A clear sign is that buyers of luxury cars find SUVs much more attractive, and this is where we see the potential. I definitely see the gaps for more Bentayga derivatives and other features in the SUV space, ”said Hallmark.

Hallmark admitted that a drop in sales meant that there was no reasonable basis for developing a new sedan in the spirit of the current Mulsanne.

“The cost of developing these cars with technology and emissions and accident requirements means that their development is no less expensive than a car that you can sell 5,000 times. If we see the potential for only 400-600 cars a year, this makes the business concept extremely complex, ”he said.