Bentley offers to buy a children’s toy garage made of wood.

Bentley offers to buy a children’s toy garage made of wood.

June 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Premium British brand announced a toy garage, which is made of wood. New costs £ 85.

All dads love to play with their babies. And why don’t we pamper our children with an exclusive toy to start instilling in boys a love of cars from a young age? Bentley decided to create an unusual toy just suitable for these “tasks”. The garage has wooden accents and a diamond-shaped grille with the brand name.

This Bentley wooden toy garage sells for just £ 85. But why pay so much money for a children’s toy, right? The answer to this question is quite simple, it’s a premium British brand, whose cars are very expensive.

In addition to the Bentley logo and diamond-shaped grilles, the wooden garage also has functional turntables, a helipad, an elevator, a washing station and a gas station. This whole “complex” is 81 cm wide, 46 cm high, and 43 cm in diameter.

Unfortunately, the Bentley wooden toy garage is not available for order in our country at the time of this writing.

The toy itself is sold on the official website of the automaker. But if you are in the UK, Europe or other parts of the world, delivery will take no more than five days, with appropriate payment for delivery, of course.

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