Bentley made a crossover from a Continental GT coupe

Bentley made a crossover from a Continental GT coupe

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bentley showed off-road variation of the Continental GT coupe. A car developed with Bomber Ski is likely to be used at Bomber for Bentley Ski & Drive Experience events.

The British automaker has distributed a picture of an off-road coupe on its Twitter page. There is currently no details on this project, however, judging by the picture, the Continental GT has plastic lining on the wheel arches, ski mounts and additional lighting. In front of the car, it is worth noting the presence of a bright red hinge, which is designed for a cable.

The partnership between Bentley and Bomber Ski started back in 2019, then a limited series of Bomber for Bentley alpine skis was released.

Each pair is a sandwich having a wooden core and polymer layers that are wrapped in titanium (an alloy of aluminum and titanium). On rhomboid inserts, at the request of the client, 24-fold gold can appear as a decoration. These skis are priced from $ 3,750.