Bentley made a cowboy Bentayga

Bentley made a cowboy Bentayga

September 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The special version of the luxury crossover was called Stetson Edition

Bentley began selling the cowboy version of the Bentayga. The all-terrain vehicle in the performance of the Stetson Edition will be sold only at the brand’s auto show in Dallas (Texas, USA) – the very heart of the former Wild West. From the usual Bentayga, the special version is distinguished by special body color options in the style of the iconic Stetson cowboy hats and interior features.

The refinement of the exclusive Bentayga was handled by the Mulliner court atelier, specializing in individual orders. You can recognize the Bentayga Stetson Edition by the company logos on the thresholds, seats and rear fenders, a two-color steering wheel, as well as exquisite decoration materials – the interior is decorated with camel skin details and burnt oak inserts. A special touch is the deliberately rough stitching of the seats, reminiscent of cowboy boots.

American Bentley dealers called the new Bentayga version with “severe luxury” and supported the company’s desire to produce modifications to the US market that glorify American history.

Stetson is the world’s largest hat manufacturer with headgear since 1865. The word “Stetson” in the USA has become a household word: often all felt cowboy hats are called Stetson’s.

So far, one Bentayga Stetson Edition SUV has been put up for sale in the Texas Bentley showroom at a price of $ 246,578. Two more “cowboy” cars will arrive at the dealer before the end of the year.