Bentley Launches New Coronavirus Program

Bentley Launches New Coronavirus Program

May 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new corporate program “Come Back Stronger” involves the implementation of about 250 new measures related to hygiene and social distance.

Bentley Motors announces the launch of its new Come Back Stronger corporate program, which includes about 250 comprehensive, comprehensive hygiene and social distance measures. The new measures are aimed at the phased safe resumption of the company’s headquarters in Crew (England), starting on May 11. This plan represents the largest change in the production life of the company in its entire 100-year history.

The measures affect seven key areas – leaving home, getting to work, entering a factory, preparing for work, organizing jobs, taking breaks and leaving the factory. They aim to protect more than 4,000 employees of the enterprise where Bentley cars are made manually.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

Key changes affect all areas, including redevelopment of production facilities to ensure a two-meter distance between workers, the organization of one-way passages and the delineation of human flows. Employees are required to wear face masks at the plant and in office premises. At the same time, Bentley maintains a remote work mode for those who can perform their duties from home.

New safeguards should ensure maximum safety for Bentley employees. If necessary, personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, goggles, will be provided to company employees, as well as donated to local health facilities. The staff will regularly measure the temperature. The changes will also affect the cleaning of the premises, and the staff will receive clear instructions on how to reduce the risk of infection in the meeting places, at the checkpoint and in transport.

New reinforced measures involve the regulation of the number of people at the plant at the same time. All entrances and exits were reorganized in such a way as to maximize the flow of employees passing through them. In places of public catering, measures will be taken to limit the number of visitors and maintaining distance, and a new shift schedule will be introduced in offices. Thus, during the day, the density of personnel at the plant will be controlled, and plastic dividing screens will be installed in the offices.

A manual on returning to work places with a description of new sanitary standards and measures to ensure social distance will be sent to the home addresses of all employees, and also available online. In a special application for employees, you can also watch a video in the style of safety instructions on flights, which details key changes in the organization of the production process.

Adrian Hallmark, chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, said: “Throughout this unprecedented crisis, protecting the health and safety of our employees has been and will remain a top priority. New large-scale measures will allow our employees to return to work even stronger and more focused. This also applies to the Bentley brand as a whole.

The time has come when Bentley can begin a gradual, controlled resumption of production while turning the plant into the safest place possible. Everyone will be able to contribute to ensuring that the company continues its exceptional journey into the world of the future of luxury and sustainable mobility. ”

It is planned to completely restore production by May 18, after which office employees and those who work remotely will gradually return to work.

During production shutdowns, Bentley employees supported the local community in the fight against the pandemic. The company will continue to provide assistance after the resumption of production, as the need for it still exists.

Employees of the company, using their professional skills, will make 30,000 medical faceplates using 3D printing. They will be transferred to the health sector in Cheshire, UK, including nursing homes, NHS facilities and other local organizations.

At the same time, Bentley gives them personal protective equipment free of charge: gloves, masks, goggles and disposable seat covers. The company also activated its service “Food Delivery on 22-inch Wheels”: volunteer employees deliver basic necessities to local residents.