Bentley Launches Its Latest V8 Motor

Bentley Launches Its Latest V8 Motor

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Even good things end at some point.

The British automaker has released the latest 6.75-liter V8 L-series engine, hand-made, in Crewe. Thus, Bentley completes the legendary production cycle, which lasted six decades – it is even older than most automobile nameplates on the roads today.

It should be noted that both the configuration and the distance between the holes have remained since the appearance of the first L-series engine launched in Crewe. A total of 36,000 L-series engines were manufactured – all of them are handmade and it takes 15 hours to assemble them.

The first L-series engine was born in 1959. It was originally developed by Bentley engineers in the 1950s as a replacement for sixes to increase productivity. It was first used by a Bentley S2 with a rated power of 180 horsepower.

Since then, thanks to the continuous development and introduction of technologies such as turbocharging, Bentley has further improved the L series in its current and final power: 530 hp. and 1,100 Newton meters of torque used in the Mulsanne Speed. Bentley has also improved its emissions in recent years, with the latest version producing 99% less harmful emissions than the original.

The latest L-series engine will bring life to one of Mulliner’s thirty special Mulsanne 6.75 Editions. As soon as the last Mulsanne is over, Bentley will come forward with its new flagship model, Flying Spur.

Speaking of moving forward, the British brand is looking to the future with the 6.0L W12, 4.0L V8 and V6 Hybrid, signaling automakers to electrify.