Bentley Launches Exclusive Gift Collection

Bentley Launches Exclusive Gift Collection

November 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bentley presents a festive collection that embodies the legendary handmade quality and exceptional British brand design.

The Bentley Collection for the winter season of 2019 presents gifts for children, objects for organizing home leisure or entertainment with friends, exquisite gifts for gentlemen and sophisticated gifts for ladies, the new Bentley Beyond unisex fragrances – The Collection and a new collection of pens from Graf von Faber -Castell, created to mark the centennial of Bentley.

All of Bentley’s toys and games are designed to inspire a generation of future Bentley brand enthusiasts. For children of all ages and even for the youngest Bentley lovers, there is something special in the gift collection.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

For future great travelers a children’s car Bentley Ride-On Car, created based on the Continental GT model, is offered – in blue Kingfisher Blue or white colors. The car is equipped with a functional steering wheel, an audible signal with the ability to select a melody, as well as rollover protection – for a safe, but at the same time inspiring and active game.

Bentley’s teddy bear collection has been expanded by Teddy in a special Motorsport performance. The bear in the Bentley Motorsport signature cap and white jumpsuit with the cult letter “B” embroidered on his paw was created especially for young riders.

He will be an excellent travel companion, and children’s cars and a wooden garage will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of owning a Bentley – in miniature, of course.

In anticipation of the holiday season, the Bentley Collection offers many items that will help in organizing home leisure or entertainment with friends and will be a great New Year’s gift for the family that invited you to visit.

A leather bottle holder and a leather tray decorated in the same style will become an elegant addition to any interior. The Bentley signature diamond print and embossed winged “B” emblem give these Italian-made objects a refined and sophisticated look. The design of the cork with the letter “B” repeats the motifs of the emblem of the new luxury Flying Spur, and the corkscrew is made in the form of a Mulsanne doorknob – both items received a matt chrome finish and perfectly support the New Year mood.

Nemus 11 candles with aromas of citrus, bergamot and eucalyptus will fill your home with freshness and a special festive atmosphere. Tergus 37 candles with notes of spices, iris, saffron, black pepper, frankincense and noble aromas of Christmas stories will help create a cozy winter fairy tale. Bentley’s signature corrugated designer candle holders are packaged in an elegant gift box and complete with candles to make an excellent memorable gift. Refined Tergus 37 and Nemus 11 scents are also available in large candlestick frames framed in elegant Portland cream-colored glass.

Elegant napkin rings, created in honor of the centenary of the brand, will become an elegant addition to the decoration of the festive table, will impress guests and help create a festive mood. The elegant gold-plated patterns are inspired by the Bentley signature corrugation style, and the brand logo on the inside is laser engraved.

Bentley offers an exquisite collection for men, in which there are suitable gifts for fans of the business lifestyle, as well as for lovers of travel, outdoor activities and luxurious entertainment. Bentley Collection accessories will delight men who pay attention to the smallest details.

Created in Italy, a Business Overnight bag made of genuine leather offers convenient compartments for a laptop, documents and necessary accessories. An ideal gift for those who often make business trips.

For an exceptional weekend, the Heritage Weekender in Dark Sapphire is the perfect companion. Red, white and blue stripes as a sign of respect for the flag of the United Kingdom and the great heritage of Bentley. Heritage Backpack, made in a similar style, is ideal for active travel.

If you want to make a small but luxurious gift or add a finishing touch to a stylish business suit, Facet Knurling cufflinks are a great choice. The laser-engraved Bentley emblem adorns every cufflink, and their design follows the switches of the legendary British brand’s innovative car control system.

The special lenses of all Bentley glasses guarantee excellent visibility in all driving conditions. Retro-styled Keyhole Bridge Panto sunglasses are handmade from light acetate and meet the highest standards. Classic Aviator sunglasses are made in a classic style and are characterized by maximum comfort, durability and the highest quality performance.

Choose the perfect gift for golf enthusiasts from the collection of accessories that will help bring the Bentley spirit to the playing field. The set in the Bentley signature box includes nine balls, the special design of which helps to reduce turbulence and higher speed for maximum range. A golf set will be a great gift for a player of any level. Golf balls feature the proven urethane coating, durability and excellent structure.

Stainless steel golf markers with signature letter “B” in glossy black wood finish are another delightful gift. On the field, players will find a stylish cover for the scoreboard made of high quality leather with Highland Hare suede lining and embellished with an embossed winged Bentley logo.

A Golf Cart bag made from leather and fabric is a combination of luxury and practicality. The sturdy bag has a compartment to keep drinks cool and a compartment with faux fur lining for valuables.

Bentley Collection offers a number of special gifts that will help emphasize the flawless style of its owner.

An excellent finishing touch to any look will be a Bentley Mini Mary P bag made in Italy from high-quality genuine leather. This exquisite miniature handbag, corresponding to the current trend and made in the classical style, will be the perfect accessory.

Inspired by the luxurious interiors of Bentley cars, Ladies Zip purse made of the softest genuine leather is decorated with diamond embossing, a zipper lock flickers with Bentley signature corrugation. This item, which embodied the characteristic features of the Bentley design, is perfect for those who appreciate the high quality of British handmade.

Burnt Oak brown or Dark Sapphire Continental Weekender is an elegant yet practical accessory for weekend weekend lovers. This travel bag fits comfortably in the luggage compartment and brings even more style to your travels to new and unforgettable places.

Bentley Beyond – The Collection, the new collection from Bentley Fragrances, offers excellent gifts for ladies and gentlemen. When creating unisex fragrances, natural ingredients of the highest quality are used, inspired by Walter Owen Bentley’s passion for travel, they are complemented by exquisite ingredients from the island of Java, from Acapulco and Goa. The best French perfumers are involved in creating the fragrance.

The top notes of Orris and amber wood combined with shades of orcanox, ambranon and tonka bean create an exotic and luxurious Exotic Musk perfume. The silky haze of musk will remind you of the sensuality of the night Acapulco, swirling with a whirlwind of emotions of the legendary Mexican resort with golden rocks and a deep blue sea bay.

The fragrance of Majestic Cashmere is the gorgeous tropical beaches of Goa and the bohemian beauty of the harbors of the Arabian Sea. The top notes of Smoky Bourbon are intertwined with the aromas of India, inspired by the striking architecture combining the motives of Indian, Portuguese and Ottoman cultures.

Wild Vetiver is a symphony about lush tropical forests, serene rice plantations and smoldering volcanoes of the island of Java, so different and mysterious. Delicious notes of Lebanese cedar, coriander and ambrette mix with the base flavors of Orris, cashmere wood and tonka bean.

Elegant Bentley Beyond fragrance bottles designed in the corporate style of the Continental GT crystal headlights and leather-wrapped caps demonstrate Bentley’s commitment to high quality handmade and finest materials.

Created in honor of the centenary of Bentley, the new Graf von Faber-Castell collection of pens will amaze collectors and connoisseurs of handmade items. Graceful writing instruments combine the legendary Bentley spirit with the elegant Graf von Faber-Castell style for an unrivaled feel.

Bentley’s striking design: the handle case of the Centenary collection is made of black metal and decorated with a characteristic diamond-like weave. The collection includes fountain, gel and ballpoint pens. The sophisticated case is complemented by a cap with a gold ring and the signature letter “B” – an exclusive design in honor of the 100th anniversary of the British luxury car manufacturer.

The legendary workmanship of Graf von Faber-Castell is felt from the first touch of the pen on the paper – smooth gliding gives an incomparable sensation.