Bentley is preparing a production electric car

Bentley is preparing a production electric car

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British automaker is soon planning to unveil its first ever electric car.

This was stated by the head of sales and marketing of Bentley Chris Kraft, thereby strengthening the belief that the company’s first EV is already under development.

“We have always been synonymous with power without effort, and thanks to the torque you get from electric motors, this is exactly what provides it. We also think we’re pushing the door open. If we look at the study of luxury vehicles last year, 35% of luxury car buyers are interested in electric cars, and 30% of them say that they have already tested one, ”a top manager said in an interview with a foreign publication.

According to the head of the company, Adrian Hallmark, Bentley is “in a hurry” to build an electric car, but technology that allows doing this in accordance with the spirit of the brand will not appear until at least 2025.

“Let me be clear – I’m in a hurry to build an electric Bentley,” added the Bentley boss. “As a brand, we must be in the foreground, and it is clear that there is absolute demand for it from certain customers, including a new target group of customers who want it, not only in order to comply with the rules, but also because it is desirable for them. ”