Bentley is interested in 4-hour electric car racing

Bentley is interested in 4-hour electric car racing

April 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark on Saturday, April 18, said that in the future there will be a revision of the brand’s racing program in Gran Turismo races.

According to the head of the brand, participation in competitions on gasoline concepts goes against the company’s environmental initiatives.

As an alternative competition, in which the British corporation will definitely not participate, the head of the brand mentioned ring races on electric cars lasting at least 1.5 hours. He noted that ideally racing on electric cars should take 4 hours, and in the middle of the route the riders would have the opportunity to recharge the batteries. The head of Bentley explained that such a championship would open up new battery options.

 British automaker has been racing Gran Turismo on GT3 sports concepts since 201st. “Bentley does not connect its future with GT racing,” said Hallmark, but said that the GT3 2nd generation coupe program would not be affected.

 The arrival of Bentley in a 4-hour electric car race is complicated by the fact that such competitions have not yet been held. Formula E is considered an alternative, however, according to Hallmark, the British brand does not show interest in this category.