Bentley is going to create an innovative electric car

Bentley is going to create an innovative electric car

August 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New electric machines will use the latest technology that eliminates the use of rare earth magnets.

Bentley spoke about its plans for an all-electric car. Unlike many automakers, the luxury brand will go its own way. For three years, Bentley will collaborate with other high-tech companies to develop an integrated electric drive system without rare earth magnets. Also during this period, the automaker will create a fundamentally new platform. All this will allow the serial production of electric cars to begin by 2026.

The project was named OCTOPUS, which stands for design optimization, diagnostics and simulation of powertrains, in which high-speed solutions are implemented. Bentley said that they have been working in this direction for a year and a half – this has made it possible to achieve a breakthrough in the field of electric cars with high power.

One of the advantages of the new technology is the absence of rare-earth magnets, which will significantly reduce production costs. But the main advantage is the ability to recycle the structure after the end of its service life for the purpose of reuse.

Thus, the OCTOPUS project can become the forefront in the field of electric cars, and Bentley is going to take a leading position in the market in 6 years.
Indeed, the new layout and design of the engine, as well as innovations in the field of powertrain and sophisticated electronics, should help make it happen.

Meanwhile, Bentley has decided to increase production of the updated Bentayga crossover. Now the British plant of the brand will operate at 100% capacity – previously only half of the production capacity was used.