Bentley Introduces Limited Continental GT W12 Series

Bentley Introduces Limited Continental GT W12 Series

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The limited edition was presented in honor of the record race at Pikes Peak earlier this year. Sports coupe will be released in 15 copies.

Bentley has decided to celebrate its record high at Pikes Peak. Then the company in the sports coupe Continental GT was able to overcome 19 988 meters of serpentine in 10 minutes 18.4 seconds.

 A distinctive feature of the limited edition will be the color in the colors of the champion livery, carbon body kit, contrasting interior trim, a modified brake system, 22-inch alloy wheels, as well as a Pikes Peak map on the front panel. In addition, customers will be able to separately order a radiator grille with the number 100 in honor of the centennial of the brand.

 As a power unit, a W12 biturbo motor will be used, capable of developing up to 626 horsepower and 848 Nm of torque. Paired with him is a sports automatic transmission. This allows the luxury coupe to accelerate to “hundreds” in 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 333 km / h.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet begun to report the cost of a limited series. You can expect that the Continental GT in the Pikes Peak edition will cost significantly more than the regular version.

Meanwhile, Bentley will plant a hundred trees in honor of the centenary. The press service said it would hold a symbolic but solemn action in support of the ecology of the entire planet.