Bentley introduced a crossover for cowboys Bentayga Stetson Edition

Bentley introduced a crossover for cowboys Bentayga Stetson Edition

September 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Texans love trucks, and automakers are responding with various special editions available exclusively in that state.

Bentley does not offer a pickup, but that did not stop them from presenting a special edition of the Bentayga Stetson. The model is available only in the Bentley Dallas. It was created by Bentley Mulliner and will be offered in three different body colors inspired by the iconic Stetson cowboy hats.

The first is White Sand, which is commonly used on an Open Road hat worn by everyone from Bob Dylan to Winston Churchill. Customers can also choose between Dark Cashmere and Onyx, which embody the “classic 100X El Presidente black Stetson hat”.

Big changes are taking place in the cabin, as the camel skin trim contrasts with the saddle skin and burnt oak accents. The special edition also features a two-tone steering wheel, open-pore liquid amber trim and Stetson logos embroidered in the headrests. Other highlights include the cowboy-inspired “shoe lacing” and special door sills that read “Mulliner Stetson.”

 In a statement, Stetson Worldwide President Xiao Li Tang said: “The collaboration between Stetson and Bentley brings together two legendary heritage names to provide an unprecedented experience for Western enthusiasts.”

His feelings were supported by Park Place dealership chairman Ken Schnitzer, who said that “Bentayga’s stern luxury is a tailor-made match for Stetson’s unmatched quality.” He added: “The Bentayga Stetson special edition combines the best of the old world with craftsmanship with American history to create a distinctive and memorable automotive experience.”

The first special edition is currently available at the car dealership and costs $ 246,578. Two more are due to arrive later this year.