Bentley has already produced 200 thousand units of equipment in 102 years

Bentley has already produced 200 thousand units of equipment in 102 years

March 27, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Moreover, over the past 18 years, more than 75% of the total has been produced.

Bentley celebrated a kind of anniversary. According to the portal “PNZDrive”, during the entire existence of the brand, 200 thousand units of equipment were assembled. The Bentley Bentayga hybrid crossover became the jubilee.

It should be noted that, in comparison with other manufacturers, this figure is not so large, although it is very impressive for luxury cars. Recall that the Bentley company began production in 1919 – almost immediately after the end of the First World War. A sharp increase in production volumes began in 2003, when the Continental GT model was presented. Today it is owned by 80,000 people.

Thus, until 2003, a total of 44 thousand cars were produced, and over the past 18 years, 155 582 thousand units. At the moment, the company’s main hopes are associated with the Bentayga crossover. The production of this model began in 2015 and has already sold 25 thousand copies.

Bentley expects the cross to become the most popular of all models in 10 years.

At the same time, Bentley is planning a serious electrification of the model range. In 5 years, either fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars should remain in the lineup.

Earlier, Bentley introduced its branded children’s bike. For it, you can choose the same colors in which the car body is painted. True, and the price of such transport will be considerable.