Bentley electric car will get a “bold” style

Bentley electric car will get a “bold” style

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A company based in Crewe is considering a project for its first ever electric car, due to be released by 2025.

Last year, the concept company Bentley introduced the conceptual EXP 100 GT, which received an electric power unit. After the company plans a serial version of the model. The development team of the British brand is already experimenting with the style for the electric car, which should be launched by 2025.

“Now we are experimenting with an electric car. My instinct is to create an EV, which is a very modern step forward. It should always be a Bentley, but EV proportions will look different. If we look at the Taycan, it’s still a Porsche. If you look at Tesla, they don’t look intentionally dramatic. I admire as a designer, BMW for i3, but if you talk to customers, they say it looks awful, ”said Bentley Design Director Stefan Silaff.

He also added that when designing a new product the company should look at a wider perspective and be “bolder”. Bentley Chef Adrian Hallmark previously stated that his company was “in a hurry” to build an electric car, but the technology for this was unlikely to exist until at least 2025.