Bentley designs unique yacht interior

Bentley designs unique yacht interior

June 10, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A luxury car brand from England is developing a unique yacht interior to match the vehicle of the customer who owns the yacht.

High quality cars and yachts go hand in hand in a lifestyle, and Bentley, which rivals the unique Rolls-Royce Boat Tail in water sports, is one such brand. However, the automaker has gone a little further than its competitor. The company has teamed up with Contest Yachts to create a custom boat interior that matches the owner’s Bentley Continental GT V8 interior.

Bentley Design Services recreated the eclectic interior of the vehicle inside the yacht, working with the Danish premium yacht manufacturer.

The stunning red Hotspur leather was used throughout the vehicle, which is also used on the yacht. This includes the exquisite diamond-in-diamond embroidery, which requires 712 stitches per diamond. Bentley has a specially ordered car, exclusive to the brand, to make the pattern. The yacht, 18m Contest 59 CS, also features contrasting beige linen leather.

The yacht also has a similar-looking light wood throughout the interior, which really matches the Bentley wood veneer on the dashboard, door panels and center console. Bentley did an admirable job of recreating the Continental’s interior inside the yacht, with both yacht and auto being crafted from indistinguishable materials to showcase the brand’s craftsmanship. The yacht is not inferior to Bentley in appearance: the hull in dark blue complements the Light Sapphire trim.

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