Bentley celebrates 100th Anniversary of hundred planted trees

Bentley celebrates 100th Anniversary of hundred planted trees

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company continues to promote eco-initiatives

Bentley will plant 100 young trees around the production complex in Crew, UK, completing such an anniversary year for the brand. The eco-initiative aims to ensure biodiversity of flora and fauna around headquarters and is part of the celebration of National Tree Week.

A variety of plant and animal species will be the key to an environmentally sustainable future site in Crewe, Bentley believes. In the summer, two beehives were installed on the territory of the complex, and they already managed to collect the first crop from them. Then a member of the board of directors for production, Peter Bosch, said that caring for the environment would not be limited to a beekeeping project.

A week of trees in the UK is celebrated from November 23 to December 1. It gives a start to the period of winter planting of woody plants.

Now 100 trees have been planted around the headquarters – one for each year the brand exists. Moreover, only traditional species for the UK are represented. Ten oaks were planted near the office building, 15 cherries lined up along the path leading to the main entrance to the building. The remaining 75 trees, including maple, beech, hazel, lime and elm, are planted around the Legends sports complex. In addition, a new orchard has been created.

Other manufacturers act similarly. There is an apiary with 25 bee colonies at the Porsche test site in Leipzig. Each year, insects can bring 1375 kilograms of honey to the company. In addition to bees, 75 bison, 27 horses, as well as countless bats, birds, reptiles and amphibians live in the complex.