Bentley Bentayga special version prepared for elite fishing

Bentley Bentayga special version prepared for elite fishing

May 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The author of the project was the court tuning studio Mulliner. British masters for the luxury crossover has created a special set of fishing equipment called “Fly Fishing”.

Atelier Mulliner, whose specialists tune cars with the Bentley logo from year to year, turned the luxury Bentayga crossover into the perfect car for fishing. Thematic “tuning package” was called the name “Fly Fishing”. So, under the luggage rack Bentley Bentayga there was a place for a set of fishing rods – there are four of them and they are all stored in leather cases. In the side of the trunk equipped with a special section for two nets (they, too, “dressed” in leather cases).

In addition, in the trunk of an SUV for elite fishing are located – a leather-covered box, a container for food and a waterproof box for fermenters. The first one, in particular, holds a vice for knitting flies and other tools needed for fishing. This list complements a rich set of hooks, feathers and materials for artificial baits. Also placed here coils in aluminum covers.

Suitcase for “snacking”, by the way, also sheathed in leather, contains three metal flasks, a separate section for provisions, and even a porcelain tea set. If this container is pulled out of the car, you get a good chair.

The chest upholstered in waterproof material is designed for transporting boots and wicks. On the technical side, such a car is ideally suited for traveling in hard-to-reach places – thanks to the productive engine and transmission with electronic control.