Bentley Bacalar looks absolutely stunning on the streets of London

Bentley Bacalar looks absolutely stunning on the streets of London

June 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

An extremely rare Bentley Bacalar convertible was captured by an eyewitness. The car, which “lit up” on the streets of London, was apparently heading to its owner from a British brand dealership.

It is quite rare to see Bentley cars on the road, even in the UK, where the company’s headquarters are located – even more so if you want to see a Bentley Bacalar. It is planned to make only 12 units of this luxurious car.

Again, here is one of those 12 captured on camera – the video was posted on the YouTube channel TheTFJJ. This roofless grand tourer costs 1.5 million pounds sterling even has a golden color and looks absolutely stunning on the streets of London.

On the other hand, this Bentley Bacalar in the video barely drove.

He was just taken out of the car dealership and herded into a car transporter, which means that he is probably on his way to his wealthy owner. It should be noted that all 12 copies of the expensive car planned for production have already been sold out.

While previous photographs and press images show the Bacalar’s stunning design, this real-world example of the car underscores the great work of Mulliner, the world’s oldest bodybuilder.

Luckily, we also heard the roar of a 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine producing 650 horsepower on cold start. It was great sound, albeit brief.

The interior was only spotted in the video, but we all know that the automaker used a very rare material to decorate it. The seat inserts, backrests and sides of the head restraints are made from virgin wool, while the deep pile carpets are made from pure wool woven by Wilton.

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