Bentayga owners suffer from electrical problems – Bentley does not comment on the problem

Bentayga owners suffer from electrical problems – Bentley does not comment on the problem

May 28, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Far not always the high price of the car and belonging of the brand to the premium segment guarantees the ideal service and the operative solution of the emerging problems. Here’s another example: the owners of Bentley Bentayga encountered problems in the electric car, neither to decide, nor to recognize which in Bentley are not yet ready.

Buying a car in May 2017, the Polish owner of a crossover with a styling kit from Mansory (the tuning was exclusively external, which is important) was pleased with the purchase for a very short time: after several thousand kilometers of running, there were malfunctions.

The problem was the spontaneous stopping of the engine while driving, preceded by errors in the auxiliary system that appeared on the dashboard, such as ESC, dead zone monitoring, active cruise control, adaptive suspension, etc., as well as heating errors of the steering wheel and even manual brakes. One of the warnings about the malfunction at the same time informs that the driver’s door is open, although the car is closed. The malfunction has appeared floating: it shows itself irregularly, but is obtrusive. For example, in March 2018, when the mileage exceeded the mark of 10 thousand kilometers, the car failed three times.

From May 2017 to March 2018, the car totaled 92 days in the service, but for these 8 visits to the dealer center, specialists could neither diagnose the malfunction nor eliminate it. Then followed the application to the German service center, which also did not find the reasons for the problem. However, the owner of the car was even more surprised when, after a series of unsuccessful attempts at repair, Bentley simply refused to provide further assistance, both within the guarantee and at the expense of the customer.

Disappointed by this attitude, the woman continues to assert her position, emphasizing that being in a locked car with idle lighting in the middle of the road at night, she was in great danger, creating an emergency situation.

Of course, after examining the data, we turned to the manufacturer, offering to voice their position, lay out the details of the investigation of the malfunction, help convey balanced information to the readers, or refute any information from the owner if it is not true.

Given the circumstances of what is happening, we can say that the manufacturer in some way lucky. In Poland, it is not so common practice to seek the satisfaction of consumer rights through the courts, in contrast to, say, the US. There such a breakdown, which can really affect the safety of traffic, would surely have led to a revival campaign.

We can only wish Pan Ade (owner of a car from Poland) to persevere in proving his rights as a buyer of a premium car to have the same level of service and attention to his problems. We hope that she will manage to bring the matter to the recognition of problems and compensation, and the case will be an occasion to correct the existing shortcomings. We will continue to monitor the situation.