Begins tests of Maybach GLS and Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Begins tests of Maybach GLS and Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

November 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

About the possible exit of a giant named Mercedes-Maybach GLS in the company started talking back in 2016, and then more technical details began to emerge. About the new generation of the versatile Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake it became known only recently, when the Mercedes plan for 2019 was announced. And here both cars are for the first time imprinted with inquisitive photospies.

On the test, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS came out in duplicate, and the third sister was spotted with them: the usual GLS (in the foreground). There are still a lot of disguises, but at least the related giants have different grille.

Here you can look at tiny pieces of lanterns, and also appreciate the opening of the fifth door. It looks like it will be more than its predecessor.

We said that the new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLS will move to a new MHA platform, will receive a wide range of engines (“six”, “eight” and six-liter V12). There will be modifications with both conventional and hybrid system, charged from the network. All the same is waiting for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, maybe, except for the younger versions of powertrains.

The new CLA Shooting Brake is built according to the same recipe as the old one: the roof is slightly littered, but the upper edge of the glazing is even lower. Rear window tilted about the same as before, maybe a little more. At the bottom of the glass grew spoiler.

Pay attention to the lights. In the old car they did not go to the fifth door, and its opening was terribly narrow. Now the door is extended, and part of the optics moved to it.

There should be no surprises in the assortment of engines CLA coupe. The new A-class hatchback and its numerous relatives (on the platform MFA2) with different body types, already released or just preparing for the release, have already told all the main points. The most modest engine should be the supercharged 1.33 with a setting of 109 horses, and the top of the gamut will be crowned by the version with the index 45, which means two liters, an electric motor and a total return of 400-410 forces.