Because of the “outbid” banned in the ads to indicate the price of used cars in Iran

Because of the “outbid” banned in the ads to indicate the price of used cars in Iran

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On websites with ads in Iran banned to indicate the prices of used cars. The authorities came to this decision because of the excessive activity of dealers.

Since 2017, Iran has experienced a boom in sales of new and used cars. For this reason, the number of speculative transactions with them has increased in the secondary market. The situation has led to a sharp increase in the prices of the used cars. Therefore, the court ruled that the three largest local Internet services ads –, and – to prohibit indicate the prices of cars. Other categories of goods ban does not apply.

“We had to remove the convenient functionality of the site. Now everyone has to call the number in the ad to find out the price, ”said a representative of one of the online ad services. managing director Reza Arbabyan noted that the Iranian car market is very different from other car markets. Its peculiarity is a huge number of dealers who buy cars to sell them on the same day at a higher price and thus earn easy money.

The ban on the publication of prices, obviously, aims to ensure that the “outbid” was not able to quickly “sweep” the best offers. However, we note that in the eastern bazaars, the price tags for goods are also usually not, this does not in the least prevent sellers from squeezing the maximum out of buyers.

According to the results of 2017, the market for new passenger cars in Iran grew by 17%, which put it on the fourth place in the ranking of the fastest growing markets after Brazil, Portugal and Russia. There is no data on sales dynamics for 2018, there is also no information about the dynamics of the used car market.