Became known characteristics of the engine Mazda SkyActiv-X for Europe

Became known characteristics of the engine Mazda SkyActiv-X for Europe

February 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The brochure of the Japanese automaker, photos of which appeared on the network a couple of minutes ago, gives us to understand what buyers can get from a car with a Mazda SkyActiv-X engine, all-wheel drive and a manual transmission.

The European version of the updated Mazda3 will receive a new engine from the Skyactiv-X family, which will produce a maximum of 178 horsepower and 222 Nm of torque. This information is taken from a brochure that is available on the official website of Mazda Slovakia.

According to this brochure, the engine of the Skyactiv-X family can only be selected for the GT and GT Plus sport package.

A manual or automatic transmission will be offered as a transmission. The Japanese hatchback has front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive versions, but the execution of the model in the sedan only received front-wheel drive.

Prices for models with the Skyactiv-X engine in Slovakia start from 23 190 euros – for the money offered sedan / hatchback with front-wheel drive and manual transmission. Hatchback with automatic and all-wheel drive offered for a minimum of 29,290 euros

The Skyactiv-X family is based on the process of igniting the fuel mixture from a high level of compression. The engine works with a lean mixture with a high proportion of air to gasoline, and a supercharger helps injecting even more oxygen into the cylinders. Immediately before spontaneous ignition, the spark plug ignites the mixture. According to Mazda, this technology increases fuel economy by 20-30%.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that a special performance of the Japanese Mazda MX-5 / Miata 30th Anniversary was presented in Chicago, which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the model.