Beat Zender: Working with Kimi is a pleasure

Beat Zender: Working with Kimi is a pleasure

April 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Kimi Raikkonen consistently earned points in the first races of the season and now ranks seventh, second only to riders from the top teams. Tim Manager Alfa Romeo Beat Zender delighted with such results.

Beat Zender: “Working with Kimi is a pleasure. He is always fully laid out and now leads among the riders from the middle of the peloton. “

The head of Alfa Romeo, Frederick Wasser, doubts that with the current regulations, any team from the middle will be able to impose a struggle on the leaders.

Frederick Vasser: “Not much will change until 2021. We can only try to keep our position in the middle of the peloton. Our goal remains the same – the sixth place in the Cup of designers.

In Shanghai, we had a lot of problems in training, but the race went well. As for Giovinazzi, from the very beginning of the weekend, he was haunted by problems. He must finally get lucky! ”