Bear hijacked Subaru and made an accident

Bear hijacked Subaru and made an accident

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Unusual accident occurred in the state of Colorado

Colorado police reported a recent incident with a Subaru car. A bear got into the parked car, who not only managed to lock himself in the cabin, but also took the wagon off the parking brake.

The hijacker, closing in the car, began desperately to find a way to get out. As a result, he tore the door trim and turned the gearbox into neutral mode. Subaru drove about 30 meters, and then crashed into a tree. The blow was so strong that the doors opened wide and the bear broke free.

The police department of the city of Boulder reminded motorists of the need to lock the doors, and also not to leave food in the cabin, which can attract wild animals.

This is not the first time that a bear attracts a car of this particular Japanese brand. Last summer in Kamchatka, the beast climbed onto the roof of the Subaru Forester in front of eyewitnesses. They tried to drive away the animal by shouting and cursing, but the bear did not abandon attempts to get into the salon – apparently, he smelled food that had been forgotten in the car.