Be careful, hedgehogs! New road sign in England

Be careful, hedgehogs! New road sign in England

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Great Britain took care of the preservation of its fauna, in particular with respect to small mammals.

Both animals and adults and children have sympathy for these animals: there are not so many in the nature of these funny and thorny animals ready to fight with any adversary. The main enemies of hedgehogs are foxes, mongooses, snakes, badgers. To this list can be attributed the person who causes the population no less harm. In this case, a mammal in debt does not remain: dying under the wheels of two and four-wheeled vehicles, hedgehogs can cause accidents, even fatal.

According to the British edition of Autoexpress, in 2017 alone 629 people suffered various injuries, and 4 died due to accidents involving animals.

  The UK Ministry of Transport has decided to introduce a new road sign in its traffic rules warning drivers about the areas with the most active mammals: not only hedgehogs, but also otters, squirrels, badgers. The new sign is presented to the public. It looks simple, but more is required of it. The head of the Ministry of Transport, Gris Greylin, said that new signs would help reduce incidents on the roads. The official also advised local authorities to carry out relevant studies, the purpose of which is to collect statistical data on roads, where accidents involving small mammals occur most often.

In the UK traffic regulations indicated that drivers when hitting animals (dogs, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, cows) are required to report the incident to the police. But about small “our smaller brothers – cats, hedgehogs, nothing is said.