Battle of Generations: Dodge Challenger ’72 vs Dodge Demon

Battle of Generations: Dodge Challenger ’72 vs Dodge Demon

May 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of the old and new schools of American musclecars met in the drag race.

When the old Dodge Challenger at 1972 and the modern version in the top version of Demon, oriented to drag racing, are at hand, you can see that the classic car design does not lose its relevance even in almost 50 years.

Of course, even though the design of Dodge Demon is made in retro style, it has the most modern filling. Recall, Challenger SRT Demon is equipped with a supercharged V8 engine of 6.2 liters, developing a maximum power of 840 hp. What is under the hood Challenger ’72 is unknown, but, no doubt, there is no stock motor.

As for the race itself. After the start of the classic Challenger first broke out into the leaders, but the power of the Demon in the volume of 6.2 liters made itself felt. Demon crossed the finish line 1.6 seconds faster than the Dodge ’72, showing a time of 10.06 seconds and a speed of 135.37 miles per hour (217.87 km / h). Whereas the classic maslar finished the race in 11.66 seconds at 115.22 mph (185.43 km / h).

By the way, things are going well for the Dodge Challenger, in contrast to its main competitor Ford Mustang, sales of which are declining every year. In 2015, Challenger’s sales amounted to 66,365 units, in 2016 to 64,478 and in 2017 to 64,537 units. For January-April of this year, 23540 cars were sold, whereas last year the manufacturer sold 22 316 cars during this period. For comparison, sales of Ford Mustang: in 2015 – 122,439 pieces, in 2016 – 105,932 and in 2017 – 81,866, and in January-April – 26,289.

By the way, Ford is preparing the top version of the Mustang Shelby GT 500. The novelty will receive a 700-horsepower V8 engine.