Batman’s new car spotted on set

Batman’s new car spotted on set

August 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Reporters spotted Batman’s new car, which will play the role of the faithful “iron horse” superhero in the new film, which will be released in theaters next summer. On the set, two identical cars are used.

By now, you should have heard that there is a new Batman movie coming out soon. It is now the 11th version since Michael Keaton brought the cloaked law enforcer to the movie screen in 1989.

While Robert Pattinson is somehow increasing the popularity of the DC film – plus the fact that the new Batman used to be a “sparkling vampire” – we car fans really want to see a new Batmobile.

We got a good look at the new Batmobile from the trailers for the previous films and from the movie director Matt Reeves’ tweet. Now it’s time to see the Batmobile in broad daylight – it is reported that the car was captured during the filming of the movie.

While the previous teaser images show us a good view of the Batmobile’s ventilated bonnet and muscle car body shape, these spy shots show us more specifically at the rear of the car, which houses a fairly open engine compartment.

Also visible are the taillights (curiously with a third brake light), two vertical exhaust vents on each side, and a massive afterburner right in the middle.

The video showed two prototypes of the Batmobile – one of them was used as a stunt double for some scenes where the back of the car is not visible, since it has no engine. In profile, Pattinson’s Batmobile looks sleek.

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