Based on the Lexus LS400 made a crazy car for drifting

Based on the Lexus LS400 made a crazy car for drifting

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For their drift project, brothers Richard and Leon Blackburn took the full-size 1990 Lexus LS400 sedan. The guys brewed the rear differential, and also brought the power of the standard motor to around 750 hp.

  Richard and Leon Blackburn are the creators of this sedan, which now drives the streets of the UK in search of unsuspecting drifters in order to humiliate them in every way. This full-size luxury sedan from the distant 90s of the last century is not just a powerful road monster – it uses a modified Coilover suspension and front brake system, originally developed for Toyota Supra. The rear brakes are spare, but the hydraulic hand brake in the passenger compartment allows you to tightly block the movement of the rear wheels. Yes, this Lexus is actually a purpose-built drift car.

Of course, it takes a lot of energy to make the rear wheels of a two-ton sedan spin at a very fast speed. To this end, the original 32-valve Toyota 1UZ V8 engine has been greatly upgraded.

The engine now develops 750 hp. Power was increased after the installation of such a large turbine, which only could be placed in the engine compartment of the sedan, the engine received a more efficient fuel system, as well as additional cooling. Motor pistons have also been replaced to reduce compression for boost applications.

 A six-speed gearbox from Nissan 370Z is used as the transmission. It directs the torque back to the brewed differential, so that both wheels rotate at the same time. And since it is a racing car, its luxurious interior has been replaced by a roll cage, and instead of comfortable seats, sports “buckets” are installed.