Based on Chevy Bolt will make an electric crossover Buick Velite 7

Based on Chevy Bolt will make an electric crossover Buick Velite 7

January 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American novelty will be intended only for the automobile market in China. The crossover will receive an electric engine with a capacity of 174 horsepower.

More recently, it became known that the Buick Velite 7 crossover, which will receive a fully electric engine, will be created on the basis of the Chevrolet Bolt hybrid hatchback. The machine will be sold in the automobile market of China. Thanks to the foreign edition of Auto Home, we can already see how the new product will look like.

The photos show the Velite 7 with a redesigned front end of the original Chevy Bolt hybrid hatchback.

  Narrow hook-shaped headlights that seem to be a continuation of the false radiator grille look … not bad. The design of the front bumper is quite simple – “cut” on each side and a small hole for air intake in the center. Sheathing around the wings and side sills creates a slightly more brutal appearance of the front of the car, and the ride height looks a bit higher than the hybrid Bolt.

 At the rear, the Velite 7 is also quite different from the Chevy hatchback. There are small taillights and a strip across the tailgate that connects them. The lower part has a minimalistic design and a two-tone combination of white and black.

 It is known that the electric motor of the Velite 7 crossover will produce 174 horsepower, while the Chevy Bolt 2020 model year, the maximum power is 201 hp. Battery size and power reserve are currently unknown. The same “volt” could drive 417 kilometers.

 The Velite 7 will be available with features such as blind spots control, front and rear parking sensors and a panoramic sunroof. Prices for the new electric car are not yet available, it is also unknown when the new Buick goes on sale.

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