Bargaining negotiations with Barcelona

Bargaining negotiations with Barcelona

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The contract for the Spanish Grand Prix expires this year, and we wrote that next year the stage in Barcelona could give way to a race in Zandvoort. However, the owners of the Catalan highway continue negotiations with Liberty Media and are confident that the race will remain on the calendar.

“Negotiations continue and must enter the active stage after the race weekend – in May-June,” – said an unnamed representative of the race track. – We want to extend the contract and save the race, but to carry it out without financial losses. I am optimistic about our chances of keeping the Grand Prix. I think we will agree.

In January, we were confident that by May we would be able to make a statement, but due to certain circumstances we had to postpone everything. But with Liberty Media, we are still interested in the race.

We want to improve the balance by reducing payments or increasing revenues, including from ticket sales. Discussion of conditions continues, all problems can be solved. I will repeat that I am optimistic, although we have only two ways: either the contract will be signed or not, and no third is given. But the Grand Prix of 2019 will not be the last Formula 1 race in Barcelona – now we are sure of it. ”