Balboni’s titanium exhaust will ease Aventador SVJ by 1%

Balboni’s titanium exhaust will ease Aventador SVJ by 1%

May 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We have great news for those who can afford the newest version of the monster with V12 from Sant’Agata Bolognese. It turns out that Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Jota supercar weighing 1525 kg before pouring into it all the necessary technical fluids can be further facilitated by a few more kilograms. This was made possible by the efforts of the engineers of the company Valentino Balboni.

After decades of work as the main test driver for Lamborghini, he retired in 2008. A year later, the company decided to celebrate the round date in the Balboni career, releasing a special exhaust system for Gallardo, named after him. And in 2016, Valentino himself returned to the game, having founded the company VB, which develops exclusive editions for Lambo supercars. Before concentrating on working with Aventador S, he started with Aventador SV.

And now the time has come for SVJ to get improvements along with a special titanium release from VB. The exhaust system weighing just some 4.66 kg when installed on a supercar reduces its dry weight by 1%. The design of the latest development of the company Balboni resembles the horns of a mad bull and it is a pity that no one will see this edition in a car in all its glory.

Such exhaust systems will be released not so much. In VB, it is planned to produce 63 units, plus another 15 for a special edition with the signature of Balboni. The new release in Italy is designed for a rather narrow range of customers, given that Lamborghini will build only 900 SVJ coupes and 800 roadsters of the same name. There is no information about how much such a system will cost, but if you can afford to pay $ 517,770 for a hardtop Lambo SVJ and $ 573,966 for a roadster, then your bank account should be sufficient for such a tuning.