Bajaj and Triumph officially enter into a partnership agreement in 2020

Bajaj and Triumph officially enter into a partnership agreement in 2020

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Rakesh Sharma, executive director of the Indian company, said in an interview with Money Control that the official contract is in the final stages of preparation.

Triumph and Bajaj have been negotiating a merger since 2017. Now, according to Sharm, there are only formalities left, and the contract will be signed no later than the third quarter of 2020. And if we talk about the motives of the second company, then, obviously, it plans to rise higher due to new cooperation.

Bajaj currently ranks fourth in India’s two-wheeled vehicle market. Together with KTM, they still produce small 125-390 cc motorcycles for India, the USA, Europe and Japan.

According to Money Control, the Bajaj plant in Chakan will produce its own equipment, as well as motorcycles of the KTM, Husqvarna and Triumph brands starting with 125 cc models. Bajaj previously collaborated with Kawasaki, but the relationship waned as soon as KTM entered the game. Now that the contract with Triumph is on the way, the Indian company will expand its price categories and its influence in the global market.

No mention has yet been made of the development of electric cycles in relation to any of these partnerships. Nevertheless, given the way market and government regulations operate in India, it can be safely assumed that they will appear before 2023-2025.