Baby bed turned into a real car

Baby bed turned into a real car

November 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Hoonigans team installed a plastic frame on the frame of the cart

The Hoonigans team, responsible for building the craziest cars, presented a new project. This time they made a car out of a cot.

The basis of the “racing bed” lay elongated frame from the map. The plastic body had to be cut to fit the wheels and tires into it. The engine selected is a 125cc engine. To Ken Block’s question about “why didn’t they set up a 250-cc?”, The authors of the project answered “what else they want to live.”

Earlier, The Hoonigans turned the Volvo V60 station wagon into an insane “donut car” and checked if the Ford Focus, prepared for rallycross, can pull off on a very slippery surface.