Aznom has officially introduced the Palladium hyperlimousine

Aznom has officially introduced the Palladium hyperlimousine

November 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Italian newcomer Aznom has introduced the Palladium, a cross between a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a very powerful SUV, mostly the RAM 1500. It’s perhaps the craziest creation in months.

Italian Aznom has announced the release of its Palladium, a car that the company previously described as a “powerful and unstoppable all-wheel drive SUV” and a “hyperlimousine”. There seems to be some truth in these elegant words.

Let’s start with the dimensions. Aznom Palladium is quite long, its length is 5.96 meters. For comparison: Rolls-Royce Phantom EQB with an increased wheelbase is only slightly longer – 5.98 meters. The distance between the front and rear axles of the Palladium is 3.67 meters. “Monster” two meters wide and almost two meters high weighs 2,650 kilograms.

Like the Atalux previously introduced by Aznom, the Palladium is based on the latest generation of the Ram 1500 pickup. and 950 Nm of torque. The engine is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission, which distributes power either to the rear wheels only or to all four wheels. The Palladium accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is 210 km / h.

The dashboard is also borrowed from the Ram 1500, although it is much larger. The interior of the Palladium is filled with the smallest secluded corners and nooks with leather and wood trim. In the back seat of the Palladium, two passengers can enjoy a somewhat fancy luxury. There is a refrigerator on both sides of the rear armrest, which allows passengers to consume chilled drinks from crystal glasses hidden there.

As for the exterior of the Aznom Palladium, it is completed by a set of 22-inch alloy wheels, an impressive fully lit metal grille, a kind of porthole in the rear rack and a luggage compartment available as a kind of drawer. Aznom will produce only 10 copies of Palladium.