Autopilot Tesla Model 3 sedan again was able to avoid an accident

Autopilot Tesla Model 3 sedan again was able to avoid an accident

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The published video shows how the autopilot of an American electric car helped to avoid a collision with an inattentive driver’s car.

  When the first beta tests of the updated Smart Summon (remote control mode of the machine with autopilot functions) began, many Tesla fans unanimously admired the work of this service. And they asked why, after so many cases, when the autopilot successfully coped with its tasks, it has not yet begun to be used on all electric vehicles of the company. Here is another case where the latter helped to avoid an accident.

  The owner of the YouTube channel Somishows was riding his Tesla Model 3 sedan. A suddenly distracted driver tries to enter the lane that the electric car was driving in and then the autopilot starts to react and change course. Well, isn’t it great that a Tesla autopilot can do such a thing?

 There is only one assumption that seems plausible and that fully answers the question of why the autopilot from Tesla is still in beta testing. The fact is that he cannot correctly respond to certain specific situations.

 Here is an explanation of what happened from the Tesla driver himself: “The careless driver obviously did not check the blind spot on the left properly (maybe because of the truck), and almost hit my car. After the car leaned to the right, the autopilot reacted with lightning speed. After that, I took control of the car myself. I quickly pulled the steering wheel further to the right. The autopilot works as it should. ”