Autopilot Tesla Model 3 helped to avoid an accident

Autopilot Tesla Model 3 helped to avoid an accident

September 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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Recently, quite a large number of people have criticized the systems of autonomous management. “Under the distribution” were and autopilots, which equip electric vehicles company Tesla. A recent video shows that sometimes, these systems can be very useful – because they can avoid accidents.

To my great regret, the systems of autonomous control, which are equipped with many cars recently, are far from ideal work. Recall at least an incident with the company Uber who tested the autopilot on a Swedish crossover Volvo – in that accident a bicyclist was killed, who did not notice the autopilot. The creators of such systems constantly modify them so that they can better manage the vehicle.

But nevertheless these complexes can work as it is necessary and more than once rescued the car from an accident. This applies not only to the autopilot equipped with electric vehicles from Tesla, but also from other companies. It is a pity, but at the moment the number of such cases is inferior to the number of topics in which the autopilot failed.

More recently, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan has witnessed how ideally the autonomous control system should work. Thanks to the autopilot of his car managed to avoid an accident (what was happening was captured on the DVR). The car was able to react in time to the vehicle suddenly appeared on the left. The driver separately noted that perhaps the autopilot of an American automaker saved his life.

So we can say with certainty that the system of autonomous management, developed by the engineers of the American brand Tesla, has become better performing its functions. But still, at the moment it can not be said that such complexes can provide completely adequate control of the car, which does not require the participation of a human driver. When using such systems, automotive experts are encouraged to closely monitor the operation of the autopilot and, if necessary, take control of itself.

Based on this video, the guys from the analytical company Crash Animation Studios made a plan for a possible traffic accident.