Autopilot Tesla Model 3 did not dodge the collision

Autopilot Tesla Model 3 did not dodge the collision

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The built-in camera on the Tesla Model 3 captures the moment of collision with an uncontrolled pickup truck on the highway in California. It was raining, the road was wet, and the pickup driver lost control. The car slipped through several lanes and was in the way of the Tesla Model 3 with activated autopilot.

The electric car did not dodge the collision, although the video published by the owner of Model 3 shows that the car slowed down. “I hit the brakes, not waiting for the reaction of the autopilot. I’m not sure who worked faster – I or the system, ”said Troy Davis, the owner of the electric car.

Fortunately, in the accident there were no casualties, and Tesla Model 3 was repaired. However, the pickup truck, due to which the accident occurred, disappeared from the scene and the culprit was not brought to justice. Davis expects that the moment of the accident recorded by his Model 3’s on-board camera will allow him to look at the license plates on the pickup and find its owner.

All electric cars of the American brand have a TeslaCam system. It includes a set of cameras located on the rear wings on either side of the car, on the windshield and aft, which serve as a DVR. Moreover, video is being taken from several points at once.