Autopilot Tesla cheated with orange

Autopilot Tesla cheated with orange

January 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Owner Tesla Model S from Utah was able to fool the electric car pilot system with the help of orange. To activate the autopilot function, he fixed the fruit on the steering wheel and was able to drive along the highway about 45 kilometers, reports Gizmodo.

The autopilot function is part of the Tesla autonomous system. It is used to keep the car within the occupied band, automatic parking, and also when running an active cruise control.

A prerequisite for the function – the driver should always keep his hands on the handlebars. For this purpose, sensors are integrated in the steering wheel, which monitor the pressure and the applied force.

In this case, the orange helped create the appearance that the driver’s hands are on the steering wheel, allowing the car to move in normal mode.

In 2016, the Tesla autopilot caused a fatal accident. The car, driving the 40-year-old Joshua Brown, moving in the mode of autonomous control, drove under the trailer of the truck crossing the road.

The investigation of the incident has not been completed so far, although the manufacturer insists on its innocence. However, recognizes that the electric car systems could not replace the light truck against the background of the bright sky and not activate the system of electronic braking.

Later, information appeared that Brown was watching the movie on the DVD player while driving, but the witness of the accident could not confirm this.