Autopilot most affordable Tesla saves from an accident

Autopilot most affordable Tesla saves from an accident

April 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Autopilot of semi-automatic control system helped the driver of an electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 avoid an inevitable collision with a pickup truck

The driver of Tesla’s most affordable electric vehicle, the Model 3, was able to avoid a serious accident thanks to the Autopilot system. The video recording of the incident was posted on Twitter.

The video shows how an electric car escapes from a collision with a pickup truck, the driver of which made a sharp change in the left lane without looking in the rear-view mirror. The semi-automatic control system managed to divert the electric car from a serious collision, and then returned the car back to the strip.

As the driver of Tesla Model 3 Raghu Konka noted, “Autopilot” saved him and his family from inevitable accident. “We were driving with an active Autopilot system, which managed to react in time and leave for another lane. I, too, was on the alert, but I myself could not have avoided a collision, ”Konka wrote on his twitter.

Recently, Tesla published a video demonstrating the operation of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) fully automatic control system. It shows how the Tesla Model 3 electric car without a driver’s participation stops in front of traffic lights, changes lanes, makes overtakings, drives off the motorway to a junction and comes back.