Autonomous vehicles Uber will soon return to the US roads

Autonomous vehicles Uber will soon return to the US roads

October 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Uber restored the previous test mode of unmanned vehicles almost 8 months after the tragic collision in March 2018.

Tests will be held in Pittsburgh, the device will go offline, and the movement will be under the control of the company’s drivers, they published on the Medium website in the Uber blog.

In addition to the driver, there will also be an engineer in the cabin, whose duties include collecting data on key details of the trip. At the moment, the main purpose of this test phase is the transformation of three-dimensional maps of Pittsburgh for autonomous navigation system.

Additionally, it is said that the automobile squadrons are now equipped with stably active emergency braking systems and monitoring the driver’s attention.

In addition, Uber experts point to the crashed accident prevention programs, which are now in a state of constant activity.

“If the system detects inattentive behavior, an audible alert will be a signal to a mission specialist. The system also alerts you to a remote monitor, which will take appropriate action. This system will remain active whenever a vehicle is used,” – said Uber.

It is known that in March 2018 in Tempe, an Uber unmanned vehicle deprived a woman of her life. Nothing like this has ever happened with the participation of this device.

After the incident, the authorities of Arizona imposed a ban on the operation of Uber unmanned taxis within their area, and this collision was called by the governor of Arizona Doug Dewsey one of the most terrible and terrible.