Autonomous TuSimple trucks to appear in Europe

Autonomous TuSimple trucks to appear in Europe

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen’s cargo division has entered into a strategic alliance with startup TuSimple. As part of the agreement, the self-driving truck developers will equip Scania trucks with remote control systems and launch them between the two Swedish cities. The ultimate goal is to create a network of unmanned routes in Sweden, Germany and other European cities.

Some experts believe the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate the emergence of autonomous vehicles. In a study published by CarGurus, 39% of those surveyed refuse to use a taxi with a driver for fear of infection.

Traton, a division of VW, was planning to invest in drones even before the epidemic. The idea is to run autonomous trucks along specific, pre-marked routes from warehouse to warehouse. Thus, according to Traton, the foundation will be created for more complex transport solutions.

The strategic alliance with TuSimpe will allow Traton Scania trucks to be used with TuSimple autonomous driving equipment. Tests will begin between the cities of Södertälje and Jönchepig in Sweden, and then in Germany and other cities in Europe, writes TechCrunch.

TuSimple tractors with a carrying capacity of 15 tons claim the fourth level of autonomy. This means that they are able to move completely independently on specially designated roads and streets. For this, each truck has eight cameras and other sensors that can detect a pedestrian or a car from 1000 meters.

The startup is already testing autonomous trucks on seven routes between Phoenix, Taxon, El Paso and Dallas and intends to open a terminal in the Texas capital. TuSimple recently increased the number of flights for UPS to 20 per week and opened additional routes between Arizona and Texas.

TuSimple is already getting funding from UPS, Nvidia and Chinese tech company Sina, but it takes a lot of money to build high-autonomy trucks. Earlier this month, the company hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to raise an additional $ 250 million.