Autonomous technologies “will bury” manual gearboxes on BMW M cars

Autonomous technologies “will bury” manual gearboxes on BMW M cars

July 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As the Australian edition of Caradvice writes, even the next generation of the M2 and M2 Competition will receive mechanical gearboxes as an option, since such cars are popular in the US and Australia, as the head of the BMW M division Frank Van Mil told.

He also explained the pros and cons of such gearboxes: Buyers vote with their wallets. As an engineer, I would say from a rational point of view that, although the mechanical gearbox is lighter than automatic, it consumes more fuel and is slower, so, in fact, it does not make sense. But from the emotional point of view, many customers say: “I do not care, I want to have it.” While we have these volumes M2, as well as M3 and M4, we will offer manual, Because we listen to our customers. If the demand is so high, then why not satisfy it?

He also expressed confidence that with the development of autonomous technologies, mechanical gearboxes will “die” and “kill” them will be the technologies of autonomous driving, for the implementation of which automatic transmissions are required.

By the way, rumors that BMW will abandon mechanical gearboxes have been going for a long time, but the company still offers its models with a classic “stick.”

In addition to these models, the brand offers a six-speed “mechanics” for the M2 Competition models, M3 (online configurator is unavailable), and M4.

BMW is by no means the only brand that goes this way. From the manual gearbox gradually refuses Subaru, which relies on the variator, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari also announced that they will displace the mechanical gearbox.