Autonomous cars were not as safe as intended

Autonomous cars were not as safe as intended

June 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new study suggests that while autonomous vehicle technology has great potential for reducing accidents, it may not be able to prevent all failures caused by human errors.

Car safety experts say that people cause about 94% of crashes in the USA, but a study by the Insurance Institute for Road Safety reports that computer-controlled robocars will stop only about a third of them.

So, although autonomous vehicles will detect hazards and respond faster than people, and they will not be distracted or drunk, stopping other accidents will be much more difficult.

“We will continue to see some problems, even if autonomous vehicles can respond faster than people. They may not always be able to respond instantly, ”said Jessica Chikkino, vice president of research at the institute.

The IIHS studied more than 5,000 accidents with detailed reasons that were collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, highlighting the causes caused by “sensing and perceiving” errors, such as distracting the driver, impaired visibility or inability to detect hazards, before it was too late. Researchers also shared accidents caused by a person’s “disability”, including drivers suffering from alcohol or drugs, those who fell asleep, or drivers with health problems.

For example, if a cyclist or other vehicle suddenly turns onto the path of an autonomous vehicle, it may not be able to stop fast enough or dodge in time, Ciccino said.

The experts who conducted the study examined the causes of the accident and decided which of them can be prevented, assuming that all vehicles on the road were autonomous. According to her, even less accidents will be prevented, while autonomous cars mix with people-driven cars.